Updated: Mar 10, 2017

Unit of Measure Calculator

We often need to grab the unit of measure for a product, so I've made a calculator to speed things up (and ensure we don't make any errors!)

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Running multiple Find/Change queries at once in InDesign

An InDesign script for batch processing multiple Text, GREP, Glyph and Object queries

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Akoonah Byron Bay Accommodation

The folks at Akoonah Byron Bay Accommodation were ready to update the look of their website and have it be mobile responsive, involving custom blocks and a new availability calendar.

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Updated: Oct 14, 2015

Permissions for files without a set in Concrete5

Concrete5 lets you assign permissions for files in sets, but what about files not in a set? (Hint: add them to a set!)

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Syntax highlighting for the Concrete5 5.6 HTML Block

Use the Ace Code Editor from Concrete5 7.x in your 6.x sites.

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